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“It is a great idea that deserves to succeed not least because it involves a wide range of orchid enthusiasts more directly in supporting orchid conservation.”

Dr. Phillip Cribb, Orchid Conservation News, Issue 7, November 2005, The Newsletter of the OSG of the IUCN Species Survival Commission

“an elegant and powerful conservation strategy” “I hope the idea catches on and spreads like wildfire.”

Dr. Harold Koopowitz, Orchid Digest, Jan., Feb., Mar. 2006, Vol.70-1.
The Orchid Digest has endorsed 1% for Orchid Conservation.

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Arachnorchis (Caladenia) rosella
Arachnorchis (Caladenia) rosella habitat saved!
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Conservation Grant Links

Links to orchid society conservation and grant pages. All are accepting grant applications:

The Native Orchid Conference Fred Case Grant link to application form:

The New Hampshire Orchid Society Conservation Committee:

The San Diego Orchid Society Conservation Committee: https://www.sdorchids.com/ConsFunding.html

The San Francisco Orchid Society Conservation Committee: https://www.orchidsanfrancisco.org/conservation.html

Orchid Conservation Alliance: peter@orchidconservationalliance.org