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Living Orchid Collection (9 kb pdf file)

Living Orchid Collection (LOC)

Definition: A virtual, living species orchid collection. Grouping orchid collections together as a virtual single collection will be a stronger ex situ conservation effort than separate individual collections.

- Organizing ex situ orchid conservation
- Producing pollen and seed for genetic diversity and safeguarding orchid species
- Strengthen Orchid Society by getting membership involvement in an organized ex situ orchid conservation program.
- Taking pressure off wild collecting
- Replanting in natural habitats

Eligible Participants: Individuals, Orchid Societies, Businesses, Botanical Gardens, and other entities. To have your orchids included in LOC: click here to get a LOC ID and participate.

LOC ID example: M-28  The M identifies the owner. The number identifies the orchid plant. The orchid owner assigns the number.

The LOC database is open to all ex situ conservation projects. Use of orchids in the database is at the discretion of the owner of the orchid. To contact an owner of a specific plant use the beginning letters in the LOC Identity Code and  @livingorchidcollection.org

The taxonomist field notes if the orchid has been seen by a taxonomist and  that the orchid is identified correctly. See below for  taxonomist willing to be consultants for the Living Orchid Collection. An orchid does not have to be seen by a taxonomist to be in LOC.

The Database is temporary off line for upgrading and change of webhost.

Click here to see the full LOC database

List of Living Orchid Collection Taxonomist Consultants

Dalton Holland Baptista

Dr Guido Braem

Dr. Harold Koopowitz (Paphs and a few African species)

Peter O'Byrne (S.E.Asian genera excluding Paphiopedilums species)