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Orchid Societies (24)

San Francisco Orchid Society, USA
Orchid Species Society of Western Australia
New Hampshire Orchid Society, USA- has a Conservation  Fund. Grant applications welcomed.  https://www.nhorchids.org/index.php?page=conservation-grants
Bucks County Orchid Society, USA
Slipper Orchid Alliance, USA- information and pictures of slipper orchids.
Native Orchid Conference- focuses on orchids of US and Canada
Boulder Orchid Society, USA
Orchid Society of Southern California , USA
Illinois Orchid Society , USA
Orchid Growers' Guild , USA
Portland Orchid Society , USA
Denver Orchid Society , USA
Spokane Orchid Society , USA
Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society, USA
Vallarta Orchid Society , Mexico
Oregon Orchid Society , USA
Amherst Orchid Society , USA
Trinidad and Tobago Orchid Society TTOS is involved in project work to preserve orchid habitats and develop protocols for re introduction of orchid species in the event of habitat destruction in the Aripo Savannas Environmentally Sensitive Area. In 1999 members of the Society received support from the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme to conduct an inventory of native orchid species as a complement to the National Biodiversity Programme.
Naples Orchid Society, USA - The Naples Orchid Society offers a $2000 annual scholarship to be awarded to a qualified student pursuing a program in Botany, Conservation or Environmental Science.

Naples Orchid Society scholarship recipients Crystal Elliott and Adam Zindel and their professor, Dr. Larry Zettler from Illinois College at Jacksonville, Illinois recieved money for research work that may have benefits for Florida’s wild native orchids as well as domesticated hybrid plants grown by hobby and commercial growers. "Last year, a small parasite was discovered in some of the scale insects’ bodies. This may have great implications for biological controls of the armored scales.” said Dr. Richard Pippen, member of the NOS Board and Scholarship Committee chairperson. “Dr. Zettler has urged NOS to be aware that SW Florida is a crucial area for the huge number and diversity of species of America’s native orchids in the wild. The research that is going on here will have an impact on orchids on an international level.” More information: https://www.naplesorchidsociety.org/
The Windsor Orchid Society/La Societe des Orchidophiles de Windsor
, Canada
Peninsula Orchid Society, USA
Cherry City Orchid Society, USA
Orchid Lovers of Trinidad and Tobago

Southwest Regional Orchid Growers' Association (SWROGA)

Commercial Organizations (8)

Orchid Art by Charles Hess
charles hess logo Orchid Art by Charles Hess Mission Statement:
To conserve the beauty of orchids on paper and in the wild.
To foster an appreciation of the amazing diversity of orchids in those who view and own my work.
To donate 100% of art sales to organizations with proven track records in rainforest and habitat conservation.
To actively promote awareness of the need for conserving native habitats around the world.

Touching Earth Ent. Co., LTD Touching Earth is based in a lovely island Formosa, called Taiwan now, and is the distributor and promoter of orchid essences since 2014. Orchid essences are made with orchids they grow in a greenhouse on the small isle of Gigha in Scotland. The maker, Don Dennis, established Living Tree Orchid Essences Center and joins 1% FOC also. It should be noted that the method of making orchid "essences" does not involve the cutting or harming of any orchids. Touching Earth also cared about spiritual ecology and wish to bring more people to enjoy the nature and beauty of orchids in Taiwan.

Touch Earth Logo
     Contact: Chih-Peng, Chang

Moorland eBooks Moorland eBooks is an innovative, growing company, founded in April 2012. We offer everything in eBook publishing. The hallmark of Moorland eBooks is that we engage in our partners. We support and guide - no matter the job. Our solutions, if it is a novel , a biography or a scientific botanical monograph, are always composed according to the authors needs. We believe in an open dialogue with the author, so that together we arrive at the best solution. At Moorland eBooks, words like quality, individuality, openness and flexibility are keywords.5%focbanner100.jpg

Moorland ebooks logo
     Contact: Lars Pedersen

International Flower Essence Repertoire The International Flower Essence Repertoire is based in the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, and has been importing and selling flower essences for the past 14 years. In the past 11 years they have been producing their own line of "flower essences" made with orchids they grow in a greenhouse on their premises. It is their manufacturing of the Living Tree Orchid Essences which brings about their involvement with the OCC and 1% FOC. It should be noted that their method of making orchid "essences" does not involve the cutting or harming of any orchids.

ifer logo
contact: Don Dennis

Orchid Seedbank Project serves as a clearinghouse for orchid seed; until the OSP was formed in December of 1996, there was no central clearinghouse by which conservationists, researchers, commercial and hobbyist growers could go to specifically for orchid seed.

Orchid Seed Projectcontact: AJ Hicks

The Calypso Orchid Company

Calypso bulbosa orchids are hand pollinated to bring you clean high quality mature pod ripened seed for naturalizing, research, and education.

The Calypso Orchid Company Logocontact: Debbie Wineteer

Spangle Creek Labs Laboratory-grown seedlings of the temperate lady's-slipper orchids for use in wild gardens, greenhouse specimens, and wetlands or woodlands restoration. Spangle Creek Labs was born from the orchid conservation activities of the owners.

Spangle Creek Labs (C.reginae)    contact: Bill and Carol Steele

Art for Orchids Orchids are emblematic of the fragility of nature, and through my paintings, I hope to reach out to raise awareness of how much more needs to be done to protect species and the environments in which they survive. I would like to see proceeds of my work going directly into orchid conservation projects around the world.

art for orchids

contact: Mike May


Orchid Digest is a non-profit publication for serious orchid enthusiasts, featuring rich full color photography and indepth articles relating to orchids and the people involved in the orchid world.  The Orchid Digest has endorsed 1% for Orchid Conservation.

od_logo_resized-element.jpgcontact: Orchid Digest Editorial

American Orchid Society As a scientific or horticultural corporation, for nonprofit purposes, to promote, carry on and aid in every possible way the development, improvement and preservation of orchids of all kinds, including, but not by way of limitation, the importation and improvement by cultivation and hybridization of exotic orchids and the preservation and perpetuation of native orchids; to conduct or cause to be conducted scientific researches for the improvement, development or preservation of orchids and for the promotion of a higher degree of efficiency in the growing thereof; to collect information relating to the growing and development of orchids; to disseminate information concerning the culture, hybridization or development of orchids by means of exhibitions, lectures, publications or otherwise; to assist those engaged in the growing of orchids by such researches and dissemination; to make awards in the form of certificates, medals or otherwise, for excellence in the development or culture of orchids; and generally to extend the knowledge, production, use, perpetuation and appreciation of orchids of any kind and in any manner.

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